Dr Luisa Gandolfo Publishes Article in the Journal of International Migration and Integration

Dr Luisa Gandolfo has published an article, entitled 'Navigating Trust and Distrust in the Refugee Community of Malta', in the Journal of International Migration and Integration.

Drawing on data gathered in Malta under the auspices of the Society for Libyan Studies, the article considers how different forms of trust and distrust are negotiated by the Libyan community that has lived on the island for several generations.

While the civil war continues, the paper explores the legacy of years of political distrust during the regime of the former Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, as well as regional affiliations and divisions, and the continuum of trauma that unfolds in the Maltese Open Centres and in the host community.

Emerging from this are accounts of bonds being forged (and challenged), and the possibility for conflict boundaries to be mapped onto the urban landscape, creating a fresh geographical ontology.

To read the article in full, visit the Spring edition of the Journal of International Migration and Integration, here.