Dr Gearoid Millar publishes article in Peacebuilding

Dr Gearoid Millar has published his latest article, entitled 'Coordinated ethnographic peace research: assessing complex peace interventions writ large and over time', in Peacebuilding.

In the article, Dr Millar explores the potential of, and challenges to, coordinated ethnographic peace research.

In particular, his study is concerned with the assessment of the longer-term influences of post-conflict interventions writ large on state capacity, as well as the capacity for coordinated ethnographic peace research (EPR) to provide hope for overcoming challenges.

Reflecting on the significance of culture, Dr Millar explains how, while 'fashionable', it "rarely results in a substantive response, in policy or practice, to other ways of living."

Instead, a nominal recognition of diversity is largely subsumed within the already taken for granted post-conflict ‘tool kits’ and ‘best practices’ among the policymaking and practitioner communities.

An alternative, he says, might be found via a pragmatic approach that could allow a move towards a Coordinated-EPR, or CEPR agenda.

To read the full article, visit Peacebuilding, here.