University academic set to run every street in Aberdeen by end of 2020

A University academic who has attempted to run all of Aberdeen's streets by the end of 2020 is approaching his 'finish line'.

During lockdown, Dr David Cornwell, a lecturer in geophysics, set himself the challenge of running all of the 2,634 streets in Aberdeen city.

Having run in the city for five years, he was disappointed to discover that he had only completed 15% in March. However, over the last nine months he set about running the remaining streets and has now completed 96% of them.

He will pound the remaining 100 pavements before the end of the year as part of an endeavour to raise funds for The Miscarriage Association.

Dr Cornwell said he wanted to set himself a positive challenge during what was a difficult time for many.

“I was regularly teased by family and friends that I did not know my way around the city, despite living here for seven years,” he said.

“The lockdown in March provided an opportunity to explore every possible corner whilst keeping myself mentally and physically healthy.

“I was surprised by the variety and diversity across Aberdeen, and due to the lockdown, saw many people working from home. A strong sense of community is evident almost everywhere, and I have seen some spectacular Halloween and Christmas decorations.

“It’s been a really rewarding experience and I’m now much more aware of all the interesting places that are right on my doorstep.

“Aberdeen is the perfect city to explore on foot, and just exploring a different city neighbourhood uncovers new sights.”

Dr Cornwell is a member of Metro Aberdeen Running Club and typically runs four times a week alone, since he is a Type 1 diabetic and in the vulnerable coronavirus category. He estimates that completing the 2,634 streets will see him running about 1,000 miles.

His efforts have so far raised £670 to support the Miscarriage Association, which runs a range of support services and raises awareness of the issues surrounding pregnancy loss.

Dr Cornwell added: “It is a charity that benefits so many people from every walk of life, as this is an under-publicised fact of life that indiscriminately affects so many families.”

You can support his journey at