Aberdeen was love at first sight for Sanson

Aberdeen was love at first sight for Sanson

For Sanson Selvanathar it was love at first sight when he took a stroll around our Old Aberdeen campus when visiting the North-east for a conference.

Sanson, who graduates this week with a Masters of Business Adminstration (MBA), grew up in Kuala Lumpur and completing an MBA had been a pipe dream, but that trip to Aberdeen sparked an unquenchable thirst to pursue his goal. 

Sanson said: “Embarking on a degree had never been a priority, especially living in an emerging country where opportunities are sparse and higher education is expensive. 

“But after that visit to Aberdeen, I quickly made the decision to complete a Graduate Diploma and then apply to study an MBA programme. 

“Whilst many programs required a bachelor’s degree, which I did not have, the University of Aberdeen was more flexible in recognising prior learning and industry experience. The pastoral care throughout the application process was unsurpassed, and I knew they did not just look at me as another number waiting to fill a seat. 

“My time at the University has been an amazing experience, and my only wish is that I could walk the grounds once again, now wearing my gown and mortar board! 

“Like many others I feel sad about having to graduate in a time where the future is so uncertain.  

“However, I think Benjamin Franklin said it best – ‘Out of adversity comes opportunity.’ I firmly believe that adaptability and resilience are the most valuable commodities at this time, and for me, I know that with a positive mindset, anything is possible. Completing my MBA, has taught me that!” 

Sanson is now ready to move on to his next ambition – to establish and operate his own business within the logistics industry in the Asia Pacific Region.