New Article by Dr Gearoid Millar: Pre-political Agency in Peacebuilding Theory

Dr Gearoid Millar's recent work on 'the everyday' in peacebuilding has been published (online first) in the latest edition of Cooperation and Conflict.

In the article, entitled, "Preserving the everyday: Pre-political agency in peacebuilding theory", Dr Millar focuses on how the everyday is represented and the implications that this can bear for peacebuilding theory more broadly.

This tendency to see everything as political inadvertently strips away the very everyday-ness that gives the concept so much of its value for the study of peace and peacebuilding.

Reflecting on the special issue, Everyday IR, published in June 2019, the article provides a sociological response to the misappropriation of 'the everyday' by international relations.

I hope that the reader is convinced not that this is ‘the right’ approach to ‘the everyday’ for peacebuilding scholarship, but that it is an approach which allows the concept to be deployed in the way which is most suitable for theorizing about and helping to build ‘everyday peace’. 

To read the article in full, visit Cooperation and Conflict, here.