Maya's learning journey leads to degree success

Maya's learning journey leads to degree success

From the Himalayan foothills to Old Aberdeen, Maya Sherpa has come a long way to graduate with a degree in psychology.

Maya, originally from Nepal, struggled with mental health issues after being hospitalised and diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 15, however that led to an interest in pursuing a career where she could help others.

“I realised that a lot of people suffer in silence and are ashamed to speak up about their problems due to the stigma around mental health, but I want to help educate people,” she said.  

Now planning to travel the world, her ultimate ambition is to achieve a doctorate in clinical psychology.

As a Robertson Trust scholar, Maya has benefited from financial assistance through the University’s Development Trust, and this – along with the support of her family – has helped her achieve her dreams.

“My parents were not able to attend school because their parents did not have the financial stability to support them, but they wanted to create a better life for their children,” she said. 

“I was able to achieve my dreams of studying because they always supported and believed in me.”