Family delight for law graduate Anna and Dame Sue Black

When Anna Black graduated from the University of Aberdeen yesterday, it was a very proud moment for the entire family - in more ways than one.

Not only did she pick up a first-class honours degree in Law, she also saw her mum – the internationally-recognised forensic anthropologist Professor Dame Sue Black DBE – receive an honorary degree.

“It feels wonderful to graduate with my mum,” said Anna.

“She has to be one of the most hardworking people I have met. It is a rare opportunity that a mum and daughter can share graduation and we both feel very honoured.”

Anna, who grew up in Stonehaven, has also worked extremely hard during her time at the University, picking up a slew of awards and prizes. In first year, she won the 1st Year Mooting Competition, as well as the Moot held down in the Supreme Court presided by Lord Sumption.

More recently, she won the Captain Michael G MacFarland Commander B S (Rattan-Takht) Ranjit Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded to an LLB (Hons) student in their final year who has demonstrated excellent grades through their courses, and a commitment to law through extra-curricular interests and abilities such as negotiation, advocacy and mooting.

In third year, Anna also had an opportunity to be a part of the defence team leading a televised re-enactment of the murder trial of the last man to be hanged in Dundee, William Bury. The jury found for the defence, and the team was able to re-write history. This public moot saw Aberdeen University win the trial against Dundee University Mooting Society.

Anna, who attended Lathallan School near Johnshaven, and latterly the International School of Aberdeen, said: “I chose to study at the University of Aberdeen because I enjoyed the general ethos of the Law school and the law programme was well organised and interesting.

“Aberdeen made me feel welcome and that they really wanted me as a student. I found that very important. Following graduation, I will complete the Diploma in Legal Practice (DPLP) at Aberdeen University, where I will also be taking the mantle as President of the Aberdeen University Mooting Society.

“In regard to the area of law I would like to pursue in the future, I do not mind if it is criminal or civil – more that it is in litigation, as I would like to become an Advocate in the future.”