International Climate Change Regime: Why It Won't Save Us

Dr Daria Shapovalova gave a talk at the Climate Café organised by Aberdeen Climate Action on Tuesday, 5 March 2019.

Dr Shapovalova's talk focused on the critical approach to the international climate change regime.  Joined by Guy Ingerson (Aberdeen Greens) and Caroline Rance (Friends of the Earth Scotland) they examined the proposed Climate Change Bill.  The talks were followed by an hour of Questions and Answers with the audience.

Daria joined the law School at the University of Aberdeen as a lecturer in January 2017. Prior to that, Daria carried out PhD research at the University of Aberdeen. Her thesis examined the effectiveness of international law and policy in protecting the Arctic environment in light of offshore petroleum development. Daria' main research interests are in international energy and environmental law. Her current research focuses on the regulation of risks and effects of extractive industries in the Arctic, indigenous rights, and the effectiveness of international law.