First Canada-UK Arctic Dialogue, 4 April 2019 in Edinburgh

Hosted by the Polar Research and Policy Initiative at 50 George Square, Edinburgh from 1-4pm. Free event. Registration essential. Submit ideas if unable to attend until midnight of 3 April.

Others involved in this dialogue are the Centre for Canadian Studies, University of Edinburgh, in conjunction with the Edinburgh Arctic Research Network; the School for the Study of Canada at Trent University; the British Association of Canadian Studies; and the Royal Scottish Geographical Society.

The aim of the meeting is, firstly, to revisit the exceptionally-strong Canada-UK bilateral relationship, but this time with an added focus on Scotland's links with the Canadian North; to identify greater opportunities for trade and cooperation, particularly where the North is concerned; and to explore both how academics can integrate such a focus in the field of Canadian studies and how policymakers can integrate such a focus in their work in strengthening Canada-UK/Scotland relations. 

Should you have an interest in Scotland, Canada, the North, Indigenous affairs and/or Canada-UK (or specifically Scottish-Canadian) relations, this will be an important dialogue that you may not wish to miss.