Professor Paterson attends Energy Law Seminar in The Hague

Professor John Paterson was invited to give two presentations at the 30th European Energy Law Seminar, organised by the Dutch Energy Law Association in The Hague, 21st-22nd January 2019. 

The annual seminar gathers energy lawyers from around Europe to discuss current issues in the field. John's first presentation dealt with the role of independent regulators offshore, whilst the second provided an update on carbon capture, utilisation and storage in the U.K.

In the photograph (from left to right): Professor John Paterson with Professor Dr Martha Roggenkamp, University of Groningen, the founder of the European Energy Law Seminar, and three alumni from the North Sea Energy Law Programme (which the University of Aberdeen runs together with the Universities of Groningen, Copenhagen and Oslo), Martijn Vermeer, Valeria Bulfoni and Matthijs van Leeuwen.