Renewable energy students visit state-of-the-art Aberdeenshire facility

Renewable energy students visit state-of-the-art Aberdeenshire facility

Masters students from the University recently visited a state-of-the-art facility in Aberdeenshire that converts food and farm waste into energy.

The students from the University’s MSc in Renewable Energy Engineering were at Gask Farm near Turriff to visit local company BioGask.

Biogas uses an anaerobic digestion system to dispose of manufacturing food waste and slurries, converting the waste to methane and then renewable electricity, which is exported to the national grid.

Commenting on the visit, programme coordinator Davide Dionisi said: “This was a valuable visit for our students, who got to see first-hand this innovative method of converting waste into valuable energy that is used to power our homes and businesses.

“The students were able to see the digester, the combined heat and power unit, the pumps, valves and heat exchangers used in the process, and so gained a far more detailed and practical understanding of the method.

"I’d like to thank BioGask, in particular Andrew Rennie, for hosting our visit, which our students greatly benefited from.”