Saga Conference 2018

PhD candidate Keith Ruiter from the Scandinavian Studies Centre was able to present at this specialist conference in Old Norse scholarship, which is the largest in the world, partly due to North theme funding.

Keith Ruiter, from the University of Aberdeen’s Centre for Scandinavian Studies, presented some elements of his research on normativity and transgression in medieval Scandinavia at this 17th International Saga Conference.

Held every three years since 1971, the Saga Conference offers unparalleled opportunities for emerging scholars to present their work, gain feedback from leaders in the field, build and maintain their research networks, and take stock of current research directions and professional opportunities.

This year’s conference took place at the University of Iceland from 12 to 17 August 2018 and brought together over 300 scholars from across the globe for five days of presentations, seminars, and workshops. Unique to the Saga Conference is its business meetings, where scholars from each delegation are invited to, among other things, set the next conference’s theme and agenda, and thereby have a direct impact on international circumpolar research directions.

Funding from The North allowed Keith to take full advantage of these opportunities.