VIEW Inaugural Event-celebrating women's contributions since Universal Suffrage

A new initiative established to showcase the best of the north-east's creative talent will host its inaugural event tomorrow (Saturday, November 10)

VIEW, the new Visual Arts and Culture Programme based at the George Washington Wilson Centre and the Department of Film and Visual Culture at the University of Aberdeen, will celebrate the achievements of women over the last 100 years of suffrage, first in a participatory performance and then at an ‘in conversation’ event.

The free sessions aim to bring to light the names and accomplishments of women who have often been overlooked by historians.

At midday, Huntly-based artist Norma D. Hunter, together with weaver Mary Carol Souness, will stage 'Out of this World' on the pedestrian area of George Street in front of John Lewis.

Members of the public can join the pair to take part in conversation about the contribution of women since Universal Suffrage in 1918.  People will also have an opportunity to complete the woven border for a banner made by over 100 participants so far.

This will be followed by a talk by artist Terri Bell Helliwell at the new Look Again Festival Headquarters at 32 St. Andrews Street at 3pm. She will talk about her “inVISIBLE women” project, also aimed at bringing the contributions of women throughout history to light.

Professor Amy Bryzgel, Director of the George Washington Wilson Centre at the University of Aberdeen, said: “I am delighted that our inaugural event will celebrate the centenary of the Representation of the People Act, given that Aberdeen had made such a significant contribution to the suffrage movement.

“It is wonderful to work with artists from the region who continue to probe issues relevant to contemporary society, such as gender equality.

“It is my hope that members of the public will feel welcome to come, have a chat, and participate in whatever way they feel comfortable, extending the use of the public square as a place for discourse to take place.”

*The events are both free and open to the public, who are welcome to attend either or both. Those interested in the event on George St can attend without registering in advance, but those wishing to attend the talk must book in advance to guarantee a seat:

VIEW is supported by the University of Aberdeen, the School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture, and the Aberdeen City Council. VIEW Inaugural Event—Celebrating Women’s Contributions since Universal Suffrage.