Shared Voices Magazine 2018 available online

Shared Voices Magazine 2018 available online

Learn how UArctic Thematic Networks and UArctic member institutions, have focussed on the importance of education and educational collaboration in building sustainable livelihoods in the North.

2018 issue of the UArctic Shared Voices magazine highlights education and the many forms it takes in the Arctic, in the context of Arctic and especially UArctic cooperation #UKinArctic

The magazine also features several student experiences, a joint follow-up piece from former north2north exchange students as well as full articles written by current students.

Shared Voices 2018 was officially launched at the UArctic Congress 2018 in Oulu and Helsinki, September 3-7, #UArcticCongress2018

Editorial by Outi Snellman 

Letter from the President by Lars Kullerud

  • Education, an Essential Part of Arctic Cooperation by Sanni Grahn-Laasonen
  • UArctic Academics: Equipping Students for Their Northern Journeys by Michael Castellini
  • Continuity, Respect, Ownership and Dialogue: Road to Culturally Sustainable Education by Tuija Turunen
  • Skills and Knowledge - Hand in Hand Towards the Future by Alena Gerasimova and Oddbjørg Hætta Sara
  • Embracing Sámegiella, the Sámi Language by Inga Hansen
  • Growing Demand for Engineers with Arctic Experience by Gunvor M. Kirkelund and Sabina Askholm Larsen

UArctic Annual Report for 2017

  • Promote Northern Education Through UArctic
  • Why Does Northern Mobility Matter? by former north2north exchange students from University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • Introducing Yukon University by Karen Barnes
  • Connecting People and Cultures: Northern Nursing Network by Lorna Butler, Heather Exner-Pirot and Bente Norbye
  • Model Arctic Council - a Transformative Exchange by Brandon Boylan and Mary Ehrlander
  • Akureyri - A Centre for Northern and Arctic Issues by Embla Eir Oddsdóttir
  • (Higher) Education for Sustainable Development - A Global Perspective with an Arctic Touch by Hilligje van't Land and Stefanie Mallow
  • Climate Change Education as a Passion by Aino Kinni and Anna Muotka
  • UArctic Facilitating UK–Russia Collaboration in Arctic Research by Marina Kalinina

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