Aberdeen academic to chair BBSRC advisory panel

Professor Haggarty, Deputy Director of the Rowett Institute, has been appointed as Chair of the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council's (BBSRC) Bioscience for Health Strategy Advisory Panel.

Bioscience for Health is one of BBSRC’s three high level priority areas and aims to provide sustained research investment to improve health and wellbeing across the life-course whilst reducing the need for medical and social interventions.

As Chair of Bioscience for Health, he will also sit on the BBSRC Research Advisory Panel which advises BBSRC on the overall balance and direction of its research grants portfolio (including responsive mode, IPAs, initiatives, highlights, shared calls, ISPGs, cross-Council funding etc) across the whole of its scientific remit.

Professor Haggarty said: “It is an honour to take on this role and I would encourage younger colleagues to consider applying to these types of panels and committees. The discussions are always interesting and the insights gained can be helpful in improving your own research. More importantly, the right advice could potentially result in more good in one meeting than you might achieve in years of your own research.”