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 Farr@Aberdeen is part of Farr @ Scotland. Through Farr@Aberdeen the University of Aberdeen is delivering research on the two primary research themes of Farr:

  1. Health Illness and Society Through Time (HISTT) and
  2. Studying Interventions.

The Farr @ Scotland programme of work Early Life Influences on Health is lead by Prof Corri Black.

Farr @ Aberdeen Research Programme List

Who's Who Farr@Aberdeen

Co-Principle Investigators
Professor Corri Black
Professor Phil Hannaford
Dr Steve Turner
Dr James McLay
Professor Anne Ludbrook
Dr Lorna Aucott
Dr Markus Steiner
Programme Coordinator
Dr Sharon Gordon
Farr Funded PhD Students
Anthony Chapman
Catherine Fitton                                      

Farr Institute UK                                                                                                                                                       

The Farr Institute is a UK-wide research collaboration involving

21 academic institutions and health partners in England

, Scotland and Wales. Publically funded by a consortium of ten

organisations led by the Medical Research Council, the

Institute is committed to delivering high-quality, cutting-edge

research using ‘big data’ to advance the health and care of

patients and the public.”



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