Liam Graduates After Being Inspired by Music

Liam Graduates After Being Inspired by Music

Aberdeen was an obvious choice for me, not least because I was born and raised in the city, but also because the University’s music department is thriving, with plenty of music-making to get involved in. It didn’t make sense to travel further afield when I could get just as good (if not better, though I am biased) experience in Aberdeen.

When thinking about what I wanted to study at University, I was stuck between music and French. However, after a very persuasive conversation with one of the music department staff, it became clear that music was going to be a better choice for me. I must say, it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Throughout my time at University, through both Undergraduate and Postgraduate study, I have had some of the best experiences of my life, met some of the best people and made some pretty darn good music, if I say so myself. Whether it’s been through intensive rehearsals for a concert, learning about some cool composers, or “studying” in MacRobert’s 120, arguably the greatest social space on campus, there has certainly never been a dull moment.

A personal highlight for me was the Chapel Choir’s trip to New York, an experience never to be forgotten. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity we were afforded, particularly in representing the University on such a global scale. Some honourable mentions include singing at the BBC Proms, a fabulous concert of Duruflé’s Requiem in 2018 and performing Vaughan Williams’ Dona Nobis Pacem with the University’s Symphony Orchestra.

There are of course, many highlights which I could have picked. It’s amazing what you can pack into 5 years! Of course, my studies have been fantastically supported by the Margaret Carlaw Music Scholarship that I received from first year. Not only has the scholarship allowed me to purchase a lot of music, but I have had many opportunities as a result, such as performing at graduations and other events.

However, most of all, I have particularly enjoyed getting to know Margaret, as my donor. It has been lovely to catch-up and ‘bump’ into one another on campus (every other day…!).

As a result of my experiences in Aberdeen, I am now working full-time at the University in Academic Services. It’s been a busy 6 months, but I am thoroughly enjoying the challenges that come my way. I will always be grateful to Margaret and the Development Trust for their support in my University journey.

Liam Dyker, Master of Music 2021

Published by The Development Trust, University of Aberdeen

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