Bairns, Scweel, and Local Learning: Scots Language and Scottish Studies at Banff Academy

This is a past event

Elphinstone Institute Public Lecture Series

After many years of campaigning by activists, Scots Language is now firmly on the secondary school curriculum, should schools wish to take up the offer. In addition, another award, the Scottish Studies Award, offers the study of Scotland in terms of its people, languages, society, culture, natural and built environment and heritage. These courses are outlined, their progress and impact reviewed and possible developments considered. The perceived benefits for bairns of learning about cultural heritage are explored. Initial findings suggest: (1) a boost to self-esteem; (2) development of empathy to own and others' cultures; (3) improvements in literacy, achievement and attainment; (4) respect for intangible cultural heritage and (5) positive links between the generations. Learning opportunities from bairns' active participation in cultural heritage with the Trad Band and Pipe Band are also considered.




Dr Jamie Fairbairn, PT Scottish, Cultural and Environmental Studies, Banff Academy
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Elphinstone Institute
MR051, MacRobert Building

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