The University has followed all of the children born in Aberdeen in 1921, 1936, and 1950-1956 as they grow and age.

Collectively these groups are known as the ABERDEEN BIRTH COHORTS, and are a jewel in the crown of Scottish health research and have helped to advance our understanding of aging well.

In primary school these children sat tests of reading and mental ability. Over the years, researchers have linked the results from these tests to health and social information.

The linked data has been used to answer questions like:

  • Does being born very small affect mental health later in life?
  • Is the risk of dementia related to childhood intelligence?
  • What influences quality of life in old-age?

Participants born in 1921 and 1936 have been invited back for a wide variety of studies at the University. Similar research is being started for the Children of the 1950's group.

We are particularly interested in gathering details about what it was like growing up in Aberdeen through these fascinating and turbulent times.

There was a big reunion for the Children of the 1950s.

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