Your Behaviour

You have just moved into your new home where lots of different students with different backgrounds, lifestyles and expectations are also now living. It can be a bit of a culture shock! So a few tips to settle in with your new flatmates...

  • Be considerate
  • Be aware of other residents and their rights to a peaceful and pleasant stay too

It's a good idea when sharing to get a few ground rules set with your flatmates early on in Freshers Week to agree on allocating space in the fridge, recycling, washing up, cleaning/cooking rotas, guests staying over, parties and what's acceptable in terms of noise levels. We ask that noise is kept to a minimum after 10pm during the week, midnight at weekends. It is worth noting that persistent noise complaints will lead to disciplinary action. SRAs will help you complete a Community Living Agreement which helps flatmates agree basic guidelines.

If problems do arise speak to your SRAs with all the flatmates and resolve any difficulties early on.

Planning a Party?

You'll make loads of friends while you're here and you'll probably want to invite some of them over from time to time.

Don't annoy your neighbours... book an official party.

Book an official party by getting a form from the SRAs. Parties are permitted in the TV lounges in Adam Smith, Wavell and Fyfe Houses but you must fill up a booking form and agree to the conditions - ie you are responsible for any mess and the behaviour of your guests. Parties are allowed until 10pm Sunday - Thursday and until 12am Friday and Saturday.

It's also worth checking out the full Disciplinary Procedures before you set a date for your soiree. You can download a copy from your eAccommodation portal.

Don't Cause Damage

It's not hard to show a bit of respect and that's all we ask really. It's up to you to look after your room or flat, all the communal areas and to take responsibility for the behaviour of your guests. Be careful not to damage any walls or woodwork with Blu Tack, drawing pins and sellotape. charges will apply, so it's really not worth it. For a list of charges please view the Your Home Booklet on your eAccommodation portal.

Disciplinary Action

Leaflets and flyers are not permitted to be handed out or left without prior permission. Anyone found handing out or leaving leaflets for nightclubs, promoters, societies etc will face disciplinary action. All posts on Facebook promoting nightclubs will also be removed without notice. If you are unsure if you are allowed to leave flyers, please ask at reception or the porters desk for clarification.

From the Academic Quality Handbook:

Disciplinary offences under the University's Code of Practice on Student Discipline incur three levels of penalties. Examples in each case include, but are not restricted by:

Class one

  • Minor vandalism
  • Noise
  • Minor antisocial behaviour

Class two

  • Tampering with fire safety equipment
  • Verbal abuse to staff
  • Threatening or offensive antisocial behaviour

Class three - eviction from halls, expulsion from University

  • Bullying
  • Physical assault of staff or student
  • Carrying an offensive weapon


Smoking (this includes electronic cigarettes) is not allowed in accommodation blocks, public areas and University buildings.  Please be considerate to your neighbours and don't smoke at the entrances to your block. Smoking within your room or flat will result in disciplinary action and charges for additional cleaning and redecorating. For a list of charges please view the Your Home Booklet on your eAccommodation portal.