Remote Access

Off campus access to drives and software (VDI, VPN)


Use the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to access electronic resources and powerful applications such as MatLab, Petrel and Wolfram, on a personal device (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android).

Note: This is not supported on Legacy Edge. If your account is MFA enabled you will be prompted for additional authentication on sign in.


Web VPN provides secure, authenticated remote access to University resources via a personal device. All you need is an internet connection – open your web browser and log into the VPN with your usual University username and password.

Notes: You can't use the VPN to access shared network drives or your H-drive. Use the VDI to access those instead.

For instructions on mapping network drives on a Mac please contact the IT Service Desk.

f5 VPN (Staff Only)

f5 VPN seamlessly connects your University managed laptop to the University network whenever you are off campus. 

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Last updated on 16 November 2023