Share large files with internal or external collaborators

ZendTo is the ideal solution for transferring data securely between colleagues both inside and outside the University. One and a half times faster than email, this secure web-based service can send and receive files of up to 20GB in size.

Using ZendTo’s web interface, University of Aberdeen staff and students can drop-off files for, or pick-up files from, anyone. External colleagues can also exchange files with University staff and students.

Files dropped off in ZendTo are available for recipients to collect for 14 days before they are automatically deleted from the system. 

ZendTo is available at https://zendto.abdn.ac.uk/ from any web browser, both internal to and external from the university.

For guidance on using ZendTo, click on the ‘About ZendTo’ link at the foot of the login page

This resource was last updated 27.06.20

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