Time Management

Make plans, prioritise and keep track of projects

Managing your time effectively is important in successful study. This resource outlines how you can best organise the time you have available and motivate yourself to use it wisely.

The first video on this resource is presented by Thomas Frank from Crash Course Study Skills who suggests methods for organising your time, prioritising your day, and how to plan for long term projects.

The videos also cover strategies that can make time management easier, such as the Pomodoro Technique, Time Boxing and Mindmapping, and further information can be accessed through the Links section below.

There are also apps such as HOLD which give you rewards for not using your phone, and gamification apps that turn your real-life goals into a game that gives you virtual rewards, such as Habitica or Forest.

For more specific support, the University's Student Learning Service offer 1-2-1 online appointments to help improve your Time Management skills. To arrange this please complete the study advice request form or email: sls@abdn.ac.uk.

Last updated on 24 August 2023