Mindmapping & project management tool

Mind mapping is a widely used and effective technique that can be used to visually represent complex information in some kind of hierarchical structure. 

MindGenius 20 offers great project management features & incredible flexibility to control the look of your mind map — font, colour, branch shape, map layout, etc. Features also include a Gantt chart with the ability to set task dependencies and tracking capability that shows at a glance tasks that are running behind schedule.

Install MindGenius on University Managed Devices

If your computer is owned by the University, you can install MindGenius from the University's Software Center:

  • Search for 'Software Center' in your Windows search box
  • Select 'MindGenius20' from the list of available software

Install MindGenius on Personal Devices

If you are using your own personal computer, you can install MindGenius by using the Software Download Service.

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Last updated on 24 August 2023