Assistive Technology

The Assistive Technology Team supports students with a disability, learning difference, mental health or other medical condition through the use of technology and associated strategies.  

We aim to help people find the right tools and develop personal strategies to become independent, confident individuals in their studies, research or role; to develop lifelong skills that enable them to achieve their potential in their time here at the university, and in any future endeavours. We also work to promote an accessible environment for our diverse student and staff population, working with schools and services to embed accessibility, promote awareness and encourage good practice.

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Meet the e-Scan Book Scanner

The  e-Scan book scanner uses a simple and intuitive touch screen and allows you to scan material "face up". Scanning has never been easier!


Assistive Technology Booths

Did you know that we have single occupancy rooms available which provide additional assistive software and a quiet space to study if you find it difficult in the campus computer rooms?