Global AutoCorrect

Automated, intelligent spell-checker

Global AutoCorrect is a discreet and intuitive software tool that automatically corrects spelling mistakes in the background. When you make a mistake, the software analyses the sound patterns in the word to understand what you're trying to spell. This intelligent correction happens instantly.

The software works in all programs, no plugins needed, and there's vocabulary from over 130 subject dictionaries giving an excellent coverage of general academic and subject specific words. These subjects range from Law to Media Studies, Design to Medicine, and English to Finance.

Install Global AutoCorrect on University Managed Devices

If your computer is owned by the University, you can install Global AutoCorrect from the University's Software Center:

  • Search for 'Software Center' in your Windows search box
  • Select 'Global AutoCorrect 4' from the list of available software

Install Global AutoCorrect on Personal Devices

If you are using your own personal computer, you can install Global AutoCorrect by using the Software Download Service.

Campus PCs

Global AutoCorrect is also available to use on any campus PC, search the list for your nearest PC.

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Last updated on 10 June 2022