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The Perthshire Hunt
The Perthshire Hunt This reel follows the previous strathspey The South of the Grampians (JSS0090) in Skinner's published Harp and Claymore collection. Miss M. Stirling of Ardoch, Perthshire, was a friend of Niel Gow (see JSS0082) and his son Nathaniel who published some of her tunes in their collections. She was one of...
Bob Steele
Bob Steele Manuscript in Skinner's hand of: Strathspey / 'Bob Steele'* composer unknown. Below the D major tune Skinner provides some of the tune's alternative titles: * also known as The Miller o' 'Dervil' and Brig o' Ayr, New Brig o' 'Dee' - Reel to follow. 'Jamie Hardie'. Before the Harp and Claymore appeared,...
Jamie Hardie
Jamie Hardie Manuscript in Skinner's hand of 'Reel - 'Jamie Hardie'* - 1st time published / J. Scott Skinner. * Brother of the late Charles Hardie (and descendant of the once famous Drumnagarrow (John Strachan) (see JSS0101, JSS0102). Reel to follow 'Bob Steele'. (Bob Steele, JSS0092, is called Johnie Steele in the...
Tullochgorum Manuscript in Skinner's hand of 'Strathspey - Tullochgorum = composer MacPherson (?) / 17th century''. Above the title is: Dorian Mode / Flat 7th. The Corn Bunting. The Dark blue Hill. (sic). Below the music he adds: 'the wee notes (the low Gs, unfingered, or 'open', G strings) in the first strain (section)...
Tullochgorum Printed music of Tullochgorum, unaccompanied melody and four variations, from Skinner's The Scottish Violinist (1900). Below the title the words 'From the Harp and Claymore' are crossed out. They were included in error, since that collection didn't appear until four years later. Both collections were...
Tullochgorum Skinner's manuscript note on the background to Tullochgorum (JSS0094, JSS0095). 'Here are the original notes from which Tullochgorum sprang: - "Jackie's Fou (drunk) and Jennie's Fain" -'. The music is a quick sketch of a 16-bar melody in G major, and 2/4 time, 'kindly communicated by Mr A. Troup. Glued...
The Marquis of Huntly's Farewell
The Marquis of Huntly's Farewell Skinner's note reads: The three successive identical notes in the original (1st bar of 1st [line?]) is now considered obsolete.' He writes two short music examples: the 'obsolete' rhythm [two semi-quavers, quaver, on the fifth] has changed to a semi-quaver on the third, and a dotted quaver on the fifth....
The Miller o' Hirn
The Miller o' Hirn Manuscript in Skinner's hand of his Schottische or Strathspey, 'The Miller o' Hirn'. He quotes: 'The fire o' Feugh is in its sough'. For the quotation, ' See 'Dreams o' Hame' by J. D. Law.' John Johnston, the Miller at Hirn, near Banchory, was also the dedicatee of Skinner's 'Miller o' Hirn' collection...
The Miller o' Drone
The Miller o' Drone Manuscript in Skinner's hand of his arrangement of the 'Strathspey. "The Miller o' Drone". Under the last bars he has written 'a more elaborate refrain' for the ending.
Lady Mary Ramsay
Lady Mary Ramsay Manuscript in Skinner's hand of 'Strathspey - "Lady Mary Ramsay"- [by] Nathaniel Gow'. Note below [in the hand of George riddell?], on piece of paper pasted in, reads, 'This is, perhaps, the most popular of Natianiel Gow's tunes, & is played by ilka rustic on his Melodian [sic] or Concertina. The original...

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