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Peter Laing (The Elgin Centenarian)
Peter Laing (The Elgin Centenarian) This 'Strathspey for Virtuoso', in Skinner's hand, has a sprightly first section. The piece is clearly fingered and bowed, with accents and dynamic marking which would make it attractive and cheerful. Like the following reel 'The Blacksmith of Botriphnie' (JSS0122), it has quite high notes (up the fingerboard)...
The Blacksmith o' Botrophnie
The Blacksmith o' Botrophnie This reel, in Skinner's hand, is simple - scales and thirds - although it has quite high notes (up the fingerboard) for the fiddler. Skinner's note in the right margin, shows that '*The Blacksmith of Botriphnie', was '*The coming Centenarian', presumably 'Peter Laing - the Elgin Centenarian' (a Skinner...
Miss Primrose
Miss Primrose Manuscript in Skinner's hand of his 'Strathspey for dance or Solo Miss Primrose. He includes a variation, and a footnote which suggests that 'Miss Primrose' is his name for a 'favorite Violin made by Mr Beveridge, Tough [Aberdeenshire].'
The Cairngorm
The Cairngorm Manuscript in Gavin Greig's hand of '**Reel. " * The Cairngorm. * " by J. Scott Skinner.' There are two footnote. The 'Cairngorm' is '* a gold scarf pin presented to the composer by an enthusiastic Perthshire amateur', and '** This Reel was written at the suggestion of Mr Alexander Troup, Ballater, a...
John Roy Stewart
John Roy Stewart Manuscript in Gavin Greig's hand of 'Strathspey John Roy Stewart [by] A. McGlashan', 'or "King" McGlashan' (in right margin). Some bars have been crossed out, and a note to the left asks if 'The first four bars carry all the melody?' Below the music is 'Arranged by G. G. [Greig]', 'an old tune there...
Note re A McGlashan
Note re A McGlashan Mr Troup kindly sends me one of McGlashans Need we ask (John) Glen? '(See letter enclosed) I think not. You can make a better arrangement of melody & perhaps manage to tie 1st 8 bars to 4 I want to give each composer an innings & try to get his best tune. "King" McGlashan he was called great dandy...
Dunottar Castle
Dunottar Castle Manuscript in Skinner's hand. The composer was James Young (c. 1815-1851), born in Montrose. He led the band of the Theatre Royal, Aberdeen, for many years. Dunottar Castle is on a promontory south of Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire. It was besieged by William Wallace in 1296. In 1652 it protected the Regalia...
Dunottar Castle
Dunottar Castle Note in Skinner's hand to 'Dear Editor: "Dunottar Castle" by ? never popular, but played by dons who could shift - I dont oppose of shifting in Dancing Strathspeys but I am not the inventor - better for dancing to [tap?] 'the Kitchie fleer' the introduction of too many notes in one bar causes uneasiness...
Milladen Milladen, the Mill of Aden, lies on the Ugie River, near Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire. A working mill is still there, where the Rennie family established one in 1798.
verso of Milladen
verso of Milladen This shows the title of the tune Milladen as the address of the recipient. Skinner merely put a stamp on the reverse of the manuscript and posted it!

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