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The Marchioness of Tullybardine
The Marchioness of Tullybardine To the left of the underlined title, "The Marchioness of Tullybardine", Skinner wrote 'March' / Met(tronome): 112.' 'Composed by', is at the right top, and parallel to the edge is 'to Engraver - Tullybardine'. The title Marquis of Tullibardine is given to the eldest son of the Duke of Atholl; his wife...
Clan Chattan
Clan Chattan Skinner's manuscript of his 'Pipe Quickstep' "Clan Chattan", a clan with the wildcat as its heraldic beast. The clan name links to the 6th-century Scottish Bishop, St Cattan, and has strong Gaelic connections with Old Irish catat, battle-mighty (modern Irish 'catta'n and a' chattan). The piece is in...
Grand Old MacKintyre
Grand Old MacKintyre Manuscript in Skinner's hand of 'March / met(ronome): 112 / "Grand Old MacKintyre" J. Scott Skinner/ Keith Aug: 15, 1888.' 'Pipe Scale all G's natural.' The tune is in Skinner's piper's key of A major, but with the last sharp, G, replaced with a natural sign, since G sharp isn't within the bagpipe scale....
Grand old MacKintyre (variation)
Grand old MacKintyre (variation) Verso of JSS0073. At the top left corner is 'Var(iatio)n 2', followed by four staves of music, containing the variation, the last two bars faint, as if Skinner was running out of ink. In the right margin (scored out with blue crayon or pencil) is 'Mr McIntyre is Com(mercial): Traveller. / Grantown /...
John McNeills Highland Fling
John McNeills Highland Fling Manuscript of 'John McNeill's Highland Fling' (left) 'Pipe Strathspey' (right) '*J. Scott Skinner'. Skinner wrote no time signature, since it is clear that the music has 4 crotchet beats to each bar. Skinner would have to trust the engraver to add 4/4 at the beginning of each staff. In A major, the G...
The Flap of the Eagle's Wing
The Flap of the Eagle's Wing Skinner's manuscript of the 'Pipe Reel', "The Flap of the Eagle's Wing", by 'J. Scott Skinner'. His dedication, beneath the music is: To my esteemed friend Mr W(illia)m Maclennan, & danc(e)r, / "The Flap of the Eagle's Wing" is an expression of (the) composer(')s as to that artiste(')s / vigorous style...
Ters naething like ta 'Talisker'
Ters naething like ta 'Talisker' Skinner's manuscript of: Ters naesing like ta "Talisker". On the left is 'Pipe Strathspey', and on the right ' J. Scott Skinner'. 'March 6 1890' has been crossed out with black ink. Roderick Kemp, the dedicatee, owned part of The Talisker distillery, on Skye, and was a judge at the Inverness competition...
Note on verso of Ters naesing like ta 'Talisker'
Note on verso of Ters naesing like ta 'Talisker' Verso of JSS0077. Skinner writes: We will compare both copies & see if either is right - there is a Talisker published but I never play it - in fact I only play about 10 in every hundred - the others are Potboilers, can't always do the things one wants.'
The Rockin' Step (pr Manson's Highland Fling)
The Rockin' Step (pr Manson's Highland Fling) Although The Rockin' Step (a step used in the Highland Fling) for Skinner's son Manson is arranged by Gavin Greig and in his hand, the simple bass line looks more like Skinner's work. William Martin's verses could be sung to a simplified version of the tune. They begin: Ho! Fiddler tune your strings...
Gane is my Jean
Gane is my Jean Skinner's melody, arranged by Gavin Greig, was no doubt written in memory of his wife Jean Stewart ('gane', in Scots, means 'gone'). In 1885, shortly after the publication of his Elgin Collection (1884), and his bankruptcy, she was overcome by 'pecuniary embarassment', and admitted to the Elgin Asylum,...

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