The Music of James Scott Skinner
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Further Reading

Further Reading

If you have enjoyed looking at the music and dance in this site, you may be interested in some of the following publications.


Alburger, Mary Anne Scottish Fiddlers and their Music
The Hardie Press, Edinburgh 1996
Baptie, David Musical Scotland, Past and Present
Parlane, Paisley 1894
Honeyman, William C Scottish Violin Makers
Scotpress, Morgantown, Richmond, 1984
Honeyman, William C Strathspey Players Past and Present
The Hardie Press, Edinburgh (n.d.)
Johnson, David Music and Society in Lowland Scotland in the Eighteenth Century
Oxford University Press, London 1972
Johnson, David Scottish Fiddle Music in the Eighteenth Century
Mercat Press, Edinburgh 1997
Purser, John Scotland’s Music
Mainstream, Edinburgh 1993
Skinner, J Scott A Guide to Bowing
The Hardie Press, Edinburgh 1996


Emmerson, George S Rantin’ Pipe and Tremblin’ String, A History of Scottish Dance Music
Dent, London 1971
Hargreaves, J 150 Years of the great Scott Skinner
Leopard Magazine
June 1993, (40-41)
Henderson, J Murdoch The Scottish Music Maker
Glasgow 1957
Junner, J The Strathspey King, J. Scott Skinner
Braemar Gathering Scottish Annual
1956 (245-252)
Junner, J Scott Skinner The Strathspey King
The Scots Magazine
November 1960 (92-99)
Junner, J When the ‘King’ Played Before the Queen,
Deeside Field
No 20, 1988 (26-28)
McRobert, A T James Scott Skinner 1843-1927
Scottish Notes & Queries
3rd Series, Vol 13 (83-85)
Morgan, D James Scott Skinner 5 August 1843-17 March 1927
Leopard Magazine
March 1977, (6-7)
Skinner, James Scott My Life and Adventures
City of Aberdeen Arts and Recreation Department, Aberdeen 1994


The following publications are just a small sample of what is available. The Fletts’ books in particular, have full and excellent bibliographies.

Ballantyne, P Fashionable Dancing – The Dance Manuals of James Scott Skinner
Northern Scotland
No 23, 2003, (107-116)
Emmerson, George S A Social History of Scottish Dance
McGill-Queen’s University Press,
Montreal and London, 1972
Flett, J P & T M Traditional Dancing in Scotland
Routledge & Keegan Paul, London, 1964
Flett, J P & T M Traditional Step-Dancing in Scotland
Scottish Cultural Press, Edinburgh, 1996

Scottish Fiddle Music

Fraser, Captain S Airs and Melodies Peculiar to the Highlands of Scotland and the Isles
Cranford Publications, Cape Breton 1982
Glen J The Glen Collection of Scottish Dance Music
The Highland Music Trust, 2001
Hardie, A The Caledonian Companion
The Hardie Press, Edinburgh 1981
Hardie, W The Beauties of the North
The Hardie Press, Edinburgh (n.d.)
Macdonald, Dr K N The Skye Collection
Cranford Publications, Cape Breton 1979
Marshall, W Marshall’s Scottish Melodies, Airs, Strathspeys, Reels, Jigs &c
Fiddlecase Books, Peterborough, NH, USA 1978
Robertson, J S The Athole Collection of the Dance Music of Scotland
Balnain House, Inverness 1996
Skinner, J S The Logie Collection of Original Music
City of Aberdeen Arts & Recreation Division, Aberdeen 1992
Skinner, J S The Miller o’ Hirn Collection
City of Aberdeen Arts & Recreation Division, Aberdeen 2002
Skinner, J S The Scottish Violinist
Bayley & Ferguson, Glasgow 1900
Walker, A A Collection of Strathspeys, Reels, Marches
Cranford Publications, Cape Breton 1997
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