The Music of James Scott Skinner
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This web site was put together by the University of Aberdeen's Historic Collections, in collaboration with our partners Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council and Angus Council.

It was largely funded by the Big Lottery Fund ( the joint operating name of the New Opportunities Fund and the National Lottery Charities Board - which made grants under the name of the Community Fund).

Project Officer:

Pat Ballantyne (who did most of the real work)

Project Manager:

Dr Iain Beavan

Project Director:

Dr Alan Knox

Project Board:

Mary Ann Alburger
Mike Arnott
Iain Beavan
Susan Bell
David Catto
Gilian Dawson
Alan Knox

The following people have helped greatly in the production of this site:

The Aurora Dancers:

Bob, Iona and Naomi Ballantyne
Dave Cooper
Wendy Duncan
Anne LaBarbera
Gillian Mackintosh
Graham Marshall
Gordon Prescott
Ewen and Janet Rennie
Iain Richardson
Alan and Anna Smail
Lorna Smith
Rosalind Walker

The Aurora Band:

Jessica Bhattacharyya
Esme Mitchell
Clare Penny
Mike Wilson

David Fraser (pipes)


The Cults Quintet:

David Aitken
Bill Anderson
Douglas Haston
Pat MacAndrew
Irene Wood

Mary Anne Alburger
Bill Dean-Myatt
John Junner
Alan Kinmond
Mats Melin
Scottish Traditions of Dance Trust


Aberdeen City Library:

Aberdeen City logo

Susan Bell
Catherine Taylor

Aberdeenshire Heritage:

Aberdeenshire Council

Dr David Bertie

Angus Archives:

Angus Council

Fiona Scharlau

University of Aberdeen:

Mike Arnott, Technical
Kim Downie, Digitisation
Derek Giles, Audio
Julie Smart, Web Design
Helen Stevenson, Administration
David Walton, Video
Historic Collections Reading Room Staff


Aurora Dancers:

Mats Melin:

Bill Dean-Myatt: The Beltona Research Project

Scottish Traditions of Dance Trust:

Scottish Culture and Traditions:


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