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The Flap of the Eagle's Wing

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The Flap of the Eagle's Wing
ID JSS0076
Title The Flap of the Eagle's Wing
Document Reference MS2726/69
Format 245 x 300
Medium pen & ink on music manuscript paper,with handwritten notes
Item Type Manuscript
Subject Music, Scottish Bagpipe Music, Scottish Violin Music, Reel,
Item Description Skinner's manuscript of the 'Pipe Reel', "The Flap of the Eagle's Wing", by 'J. Scott Skinner'. His dedication, beneath the music is: To my esteemed friend Mr W(illia)m Maclennan, & danc(e)r, / "The Flap of the Eagle's Wing" is an expression of (the) composer(')s as to that artiste(')s / vigorous style of cutting' (a heel to calf movement in Highland dancing). The three-staff systems are for 'Pipes', 'Violin', and 'Piano'. Skinner explains, below the music, that, in the next last bar: '*C (natural) here would lead to the bare G (natural) / better than the Natural effect / of C (sharp) -'. His footnote adds: '*The drones (of the bagpipes) are fixed and admit of no change, but then the / open air dispels the wildness that would be occasioned by attempting / to put A's in the Bass against a passage purely in G.' This is a musical convention, not a realistic device; Highland bagpipes drones are tuned an octave, not a fifth, apart. The music is in 2/4, the A major key signature with G natural, not G sharp, a note the pipes cannot play.
Creator James Scott Skinner
Creator Manuscript James Scott Skinner
Time Period 1890's-1900's
Relationships JSS0591
Location University of Aberdeen
Collection Name Harp & Claymore


University of Aberdeen

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