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Clout the Cauldron
Clout the Cauldron John Davidson's arrangment of 'Clout the Cauldron' for 'Violin' and 'Piano' was probably considered too difficult for many pianists. As a result, it was greatly simplified for publication. Note at foot: 'To Engraver:- See notes - over'.
Note about Clout the Cauldron
Note about Clout the Cauldron Manuscript in Skinner's hand, referring to 'Clout the Cauldron' (See JSS0193). 'Bishop Chisholm would have gone to the Scaffold to this famous tune so thoroughly characteristic is it. Communicated by Wm Forbes* Newark, Ellon and arranged by John Davidson - *from same source "Macphersons Rant", see "Scottish...
The Wounded Hussar
The Wounded Hussar This arrangement was printed exactly as it is here in the Harp and Claymore collection. Note on left margin [Skinner's hand] 'grand for an overture part C m [C minor ]'. Pasted under the music in Skinner's hand: It is not always the value of a tune that impresses us in after years many a trivial...
Note to Gavin Greig about Gin Y Kiss my wife
Note to Gavin Greig about Gin Y Kiss my wife Manuscript note in Skinner's hand. 'Dear G. G. [Gavin Greig] The Songs - beautiful - the acc: of 'Twist Ye' is Very fine this [referring to 'Gin Ye Kiss My Wife I'll Tell the Minister'] wants an antique garb never mind modern rules no science here - '.
Gin Ye Kiss my Wife, I'll tell the Minister
Gin Ye Kiss my Wife, I'll tell the Minister Manuscript in Skinner's hand of 'The original Tune of Sean Trews, Gin Ye Kiss my wife I'll tell the Minister'. Melody line only. Skinner writes: Communicated by John Stuart, Keith this is probably the original idea 'This is no my ain hoose' - its quaint modulations will prove its antiquity. Compare...
Paddy's Delight
Paddy's Delight Manuscript in Skinner's hand of 'Hornpipe. Paddy's Delight [by] J. Scott Skinner.' This melody uses a non-traditional harmonic minor scale that would be unlikely to make it widely popular with players.
Home Rule
Home Rule Manuscript in Skinner's hand of 'Irish Reel - Home Rule. The very simple accompaniment complete with held bass notes looks like Skinner's trademark style. Under the music he writes: These Irish Reels are full of character but unless played with peculiar bowing they lose their vim + national character....
Banks Manuscript in Gavin Greig's hand. 'Classical Hornpipe, Banks by Parazotti as played by J. Scott Skinner arr. by Gavin Greig'. Under the music Greig has noted the 'original form of the arpeggios' in the third bars of the melody in staves 2 and 3. Greig's accompaniment balances nicely with the melody.
The Forth Brig
The Forth Brig Manuscript in Skinner's hand of 'Hornpipe. "The Forth Brig" J. Scott Skinner'. There are some similarities here with his hornpipe, The Mathematician.
The Diamond
The Diamond Manuscript in Skinner's hand of 'The Diamond' hornpipe. Under the tune he writes: The Cross bowing is very effective in Hornpipes. The compiler has adapted this Reel as a Hornpipe [-] Some slight departure has been made, but not with the feature notes, all players give their own renderings [-] this is...

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