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Herr Roloff's Farewell
Herr Roloff's Farewell 'Herr Roloff's Farewell', 'Scott Skinner Arr. by Ad. L. Roloff', in Roloff's hand. The note under the music reads 'Eminent Violinist and Composer (Tooting College, London), and eternal friend of S. S.'
Note about the number of songs in the collection
Note about the number of songs in the collection The following note shows that Skinner felt that the proposed contents of the Harp & Claymore collection should be revised: See: "Sighs' in Song MS J. M - too many songs - better stick to 6 or 8 - of my own?
The Minstrel to his Soul
The Minstrel to his Soul The melody is dedicated to H.T. Jewson, L.Mus. Herr Roloff has provided a simple accompaniment, which Gavin Greig thickened with fuller chords for the actual publication (see JSS0625). Herr Roloff's arrangements can usually be identified - he always used German musical terms!
Scotland's Genius
Scotland's Genius 'Scotland's Genius', was printed in the 'Banffshire Journal', and refers pointedly to Skinner. He wanted it to be printed with the melody, 'The Minstrel to His Soul' (JSS0185), but did not want the words printed under the staves. He has included the first few bars of 'The Minstrel' at the bottom of the...
Sarona This arrangement is unfinished: some harmonies have been crossed out. The music suggests an arrangment for organ as some harmony has been sketched in for manuals and pedals. At the bottom of the page, Skinner has written: 'Var & Pedal acc' and 'Pianiste [sic] might extemporise a brilliant obligato'....
Details of Sarona owner
Details of Sarona owner 'Note To W. Ferrier[,] Sarona Broughty Ferry, Excellent maker of violins'. 'Sarona', the name of Skinner's tune, and Ferrier's house, is the old Greek name for the 'plain of Sharon', near Mt Carmel, in the middle east.
Sarona Another version, in Skinner's hand, of 'Largo in D Organ Voluntary "Sarona" (See JSS0187). This is more developed, now gaining a 16-bar flute obligato. It is dedicated: to W. Ferrier[,] Sarona, Broughty Ferry Excellent Violin Maker artist in violins.
The Blooms of Bon Accord
The Blooms of Bon Accord Manuscript in Skinner's hand. 'Intermezzo "The Blooms of Bon Accord" J. Scott Skinner'. See JSS0191 for the Trio, which is probably the 'Addendum -which see' that he refers to. 'The Blooms of Bon Accord' is dedicated to Messrs Cocker, 'Prize Rose growers, Aberdeen.'
Trio for the Blooms of Bon Accord
Trio for the Blooms of Bon Accord This Trio must be the 'Addendum' that Skinner refers to in JSS0190. He writes: Trio to be added to "The Blooms of Bon Accord":- Intermezzo. Skinner has not finished his arrangement - the last line in unharmonized. In the right margin is 'Harp & Claymore' which indicates that Skinner intended 'The Blooms...
Cloot the Cauldron
Cloot the Cauldron Manuscript in Skinner's hand of the 'Antiquarian Melody Cloot the Cauldron, in 'rollickin' style'. Skinner has written this down very quickly. He notes that: This copy communicated to S. S. by Mr Forbes, Newark, Ellon-', so he possibly wrote it down from Forbes's playing. Skinner also noted: A Bishop...

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