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Note on verso of The Thrums Cairn
Note on verso of The Thrums Cairn Referring to the music on the other side of this sheet, 'The Thrums Cairn', intended for an '8Some Reel', Skinner writes to his pupil James MacPherson: 'I would like a few copies for players so as to popularise and give it life'.
Reel for Delnabo
Reel for Delnabo Manuscript in Skinner's hand of 'Reel for "Delnabo" (a strathspey in the Harp and Claymore collection). He has arranged it for 1st and 2nd violins, and Cello. The chords (or 'double stops') in the 2nd part are all possible on the violin. He has crossed out an incorrect one and substituted another.
Note on verso of Reel for Delnabo
Note on verso of Reel for Delnabo A note about bowing: 'old style' and 'new style' with examples given. Skinner continues: 'One down three up. I revert to the old mark as more simple. The 2 Ds are given with an accent & as one note.'
The Red Heckle
The Red Heckle Dedicated to 'the Pipe Major of the Gallant Black Watch by J. Scott Skinner, Monikie, Forfarshire, 20 May 1908. Leave out the wee notes as these are pipe cuttings [gracenotes to be played on the bagpipes]. To Jim McPherson Dear Sir, The following have been written here this spring & will some day adorn...
The Kirrie Kebbuck
The Kirrie Kebbuck Skinner writes: The Kirrie Kebbuck is more Scots than cheese. To A McPherson the Laird o Thrums wi' the composer's warmest grip, Monikie 9 Nov: 1908. A copy has been sent to D Morison,Beauly for the MS. An amazing operation upon a huge cheese performed by 'The Laird' wi' a saw. For the Cairngorm MS....
Thurlby Arrow New Zealand
Thurlby Arrow New Zealand This slow, rhythmic strathspey was written by Skinner for John Allan. Although intended for the Cairngorm Series, it is possible that it was not published.
The Laird o' Macduff
The Laird o' Macduff On this hastily scribbled and blotted tune, Skinner writes: 'Only m.s. given out - as copyright if Dr Bodie buys'.
Verses for The Ghost an' Bodie
Verses for The Ghost an' Bodie 'Scott Skinner's 'oot anither tune That --- kens a' the lift abune It's fairly canty sic a soun' Hurrah for Walford Bodie o'. It's nae that ill to play for chiels ['wha canna play' struck through and replaced with:] admirers o' 'The Birlin Reels' It's jist the thing for toes & heels Hurrah for Dr Bodie...
A New 2nd & Powerful strain to Thrums Cairn
A New 2nd & Powerful strain to Thrums Cairn Skinner writes to James McPherson: Dear Jim, Next Edition. I'll run this Var: over the head of the already printed 2nd Strain then, the Piano can take the printed strain & the Violin the Var: over it all small notes, example [he gives an example underneath and then carries on:] this just sets of the...
Note to James MacPherson from James Scott Skinner
Note to James MacPherson from James Scott Skinner Dear Jim Please send me a few slips of this to send to say 6 players, it's jist great now. Reel for Glenlivet or Drumblair.

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