Blackboard & Turnitin Assignments for Students

Introduction and guidance

*Please note this resource is aimed at students*

At the University we use two different types of assignment tools: Blackboard Assignments and Turnitin.

TurnitinUK is an online service which compares student assignments with online sources including web pages, books, databases of reference material, and content previously submitted by other users across the globe. Within Blackboard Assignments, SafeAssign is the tool that checks the originality of a student's submission, in a similar way to Turnitin. You can find information about these two types of assignment tools by watching the videos or in the Guides and Links below.

For more information about referencing, please visit Toolkit's Referencing Resource.

For more information about MyAberdeen, please visit Toolkit's MyAberdeen: Students resource.

If you need to submit a video assignment, please check the Guides and Links in the Toolkit’s Panopto resource.

Looking for help?

If you are experiencing any problems, in the first instance please contact your course tutor. If you are still having issues, please get in touch with the IT Service Desk.

Last updated on 20 April 2021

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