Data Management Plan

Learn how to write a DMP

Data management plans (DMP) are a growing requirement from funders and from the university. A DMP briefly outlines what you are planning to do with your research data before, during and after your project.

A DMP therefore often covers topics such as data type, collection, storage, archiving and governance. If you need help writing a DMP, the Digital Research Team can provide you with advice and guidance. We suggest contacting us early-on or start creating your DMP using DMPonline and request feedback from us, once you drafted your DMP.

DMPonline is an incredible resource with access to funder specific examples and more in-depth guidance on creating a DMP. If you create an account on DMPonline, please use your email address, that will link you automatically to our presence on DMPonline. You can find a guide to DMP online in the links section. If you would like feedback on your DMP please contact us via or request feedback via DMPonline.

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Last updated on 24 August 2023