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Wallace Skinner described this tune as a 'Patriotic Pastoral'. He intended it to be followed by the reel Dumbarton Castle. The two tunes then connect as 'revenge' for 'the death of Lady Wallace'. Note the descriptions: 'pipe drones', 'marching', soldiers'. You can listen to Skinner playing this by clicking...
Wallace, verso
Wallace, verso An instruction to Greig, the editor of the Harp & Claymore collection, written by Skinner on the reverse of the 'Wallace' pastoral. Skinner felt that 'Wallace' was a particularly strong and patriotic starting point for a 'patriotic collection'.
The Braes o' Auchtertyre
The Braes o' Auchtertyre This copy has been cut out from Skinner's 'Scottish Violinist' collection. He has added in an accompaniment. The melody is thought to be by James Crockat (active early C18). This strathspey was originally a reel - the notes were not dotted.
The Braes o' Auchtertyre
The Braes o' Auchtertyre This version of lines 1 & 2 of Auchtertyre has been written out as Skinner would have played it, showing various devices he used. Bar 9 shows his 'straight slur' which gives a special effect with the bow.
Braes o' Auchtertyre
Braes o' Auchtertyre Lines 3 and 4 of Auchtertyre have been written out as Skinner would have played them, showing various devices he used. Skinner has used the key of A major, a more straightforward key for fiddlers to play in than C major, the original key of the piece.
How I wish Gavin Greig to clothe that / and [?]  o' Bon-Accord
How I wish Gavin Greig to clothe that / and [?] o' Bon-Accord The Bonnie Lass o' Bon-Accord was inspired by an Aberdeen servant lass Skinner met called Wilhelmina Bell. 'Bon-Accord' is the expression Aberdonians often used to refer to Aberdeen. Note Skinner's descriptive notes. The extended title shows how Skinner was very keen for Gavin Greig to arrange this melody:...
Notes Note from Skinner to Greig about how the collection is progressing. He also mentions a visit from a Mr Ferguson, of Bayley & Ferguson, publishers of the Harp & Claymore Collection. Skinner often made notes on the back of pieces of his manuscript music and even in between the lines of the music itself.
Bonnie Lass o' Bon-Accord, Minor Mode
Bonnie Lass o' Bon-Accord, Minor Mode Skinner has included fingering and bowing marks in this variation of The Bonnie Lass o' Bon-Accord. His 'straight slur' bowing devices are marked in bars 3, 5 & 7. The squiggle or 'loop', seen between the last two notes, tells the player to drag the bow. This gives a particular type of sound.
Mar Castle
Mar Castle This pastoral has been written out by Gavin Greig. Although it is a violin solo, Greig has arranged it here for violin with piano accompaniment. Greig described it as a Strathspey - Skinner struck this out and replaced it with 'Pastoral'.
Note to Gavin Greig re Mar Castle
Note to Gavin Greig re Mar Castle This note from Skinner to Greig shows some alterations he wishes Greig to make to the arrangement of Mar Castle. The bars affected are marked 'A', 'B' & 'C' and are also marked as such in JSS0019.

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