Video: Edit with Premiere Pro

How to edit video using Adobe Premiere Pro

***Adobe CC is professional software and is priced accordingly. Students can buy Adobe CC online at a discounted rate, and staff line managers can make a request via the IT Service Desk.

Adobe Premiere Pro is professional video editing software used by hobbyists and creatives, as well as film and TV industry professionals. Part of the Creative Cloud suite of programs, Premiere Pro gives you access to powerful tools to edit video, add effects, colour grading, sound mix, composite and export your video project.

If you need training, we've featured ‘An Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro’ video series which guides you through the whole production process, from importing your media, through editing, effects and output with help from industry experts.

In the Links section you will find more resources from Adobe including ‘Learn & Support’ pages and advanced tutorials.

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Last updated on 10 March 2023