Graphics: Create vectors with Adobe Illustrator

Premium graphic design software

***Adobe CC is professional software for designers and is priced accordingly. As a student you can buy Adobe CC online at a discounted rate, and as a member of staff your manager can make a request via the IT Service Desk.

Adobe Creative Cloud is a suite of professional photography, video, design and animation applications including Illustrator for vector graphics.

The library has 6 Multimedia PCs. In addition to the features of a regular classroom PC, these PCs have software called Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. This includes a number of multimedia applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom and Premier Pro.

Locations of Multimedia PCs:

  • two on Floor 1 near the issue desk
  • two on Floor 4 on the East side by the offices
  • two on Floor 5 on the East side by the offices

The first video on the carousel is a free, three hour crash course in Illustrator that's great for beginners. If you know the basics and are looking for quick tips, the rest of the videos are one minute tutorials for common tasks. See the Links section below for further support.

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Last updated on 03 August 2021