The Music of James Scott Skinner
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James Scott Skinner: The People’s Ball Room Guide’

The Collection's Dance Entries · Changing fashions · Francis Peacock
The Ball-Room Guide · ‘A Guide to Fashionable Dancing’
‘The People’s Ball Room Guide’ · Illustrated Guide to the National Dances of Scotland
‘Highland Dancing in the Olden Times’ · Dance Video Clips


Picture of James Scott Skinner taken from the cover of the People's Ball Room Guide (JSS0900)Like the other manuals, ‘The People’s Ball Room Guide’ was meant to reinforce what dancers learned at classes. It also gives plenty of hints on how to behave on the dance floor.

Many dances are mentioned in the other manuals, for example:

Skinner wrote music to accompany each of the dances he describes in ‘The People’s Ball Room Guide’.

You can watch most of the dances described here, including the Highland Fling, on video clips.

Pat Ballantyne


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