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Advert for James Scott Skinner's Compositions, 1880s

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Advert for James Scott Skinner's Compositions, 1880s
ID JSS0763
Title Advert for James Scott Skinner's Compositions, 1880s
Document Reference LO 786.45 Sk3
Format 250 x 348 mm
Medium Printed page
Item Type Printed Collection
Subject Scottish Music, Advert for
Item Description This page, published on the back of the strathspey, Talisker, shows how Skinner described himself as a Composer and Professor of Dancing in the early 1880s. Note the prominence he gives to his royal patrons - he had taught dance to staff and tenantry at Balmoral in 1868. never loathe to promote himself, Skinner has included excerpts from letters and press opinions.
Creator James Scott Skinner
Editor James Scott Skinner
Publisher James Scott Skinner
Time Period 1880s
Associated Dates: Creation 1882
Associated Dates: Publication 1883
Relationships JSS0730, JSS0760, JSS0761, JSS0762
Location Aberdeen Central Library
Collection Name James Scott Skinner, Original Compositions
Copyright copyright_abdnlib.shtml


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