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Title page, John Niven Collection

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Title page, John Niven Collection
ID JSS0566
Title Title page, John Niven Collection
Document Reference MS2232
Format 234 x 188 mm
Medium Handwritten Manuscript
Item Type Manuscript
Subject Scottish Music, John Niven, Title Page
Item Description Collection of music 'July 11 1761' transcribed by John Niven. Niven, a wealthy Jacobite sympathiser, lived in what is now known as Provost Skene's House, one of the oldest houses in Aberdeen. Niven's 70 pages of music include 227 tunes, some published by Robert Bremner, and James Oswald. The '1st part Sett by Alexr Fraser Aberdeen'. His title page reads 'Inflamed by Musick Soldiers fight / Inspired by Musick Poets write / Musick can heal the Lovers wound / And calm fierce raging by gentle sound / Philosophy attempts in vain / What Musick can with ease attain.'
Creator John Niven
Creator Manuscript John Niven
Time Period 1750s-1760s
Associated Dates: Manuscript 1761
Relationships JSS0564, JSS0565, JSS0567, JSS0568
Location University of Aberdeen
Collection Name Collection of Music Transcribed by John Niven


University of Aberdeen

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