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Page 2 of 4, Quadrilles

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Page 2 of 4, Quadrilles
ID JSS0487
Title Page 2 of 4, Quadrilles
Document Reference MS 3088
Format 165 x 256 mm
Medium Handwritten Manuscript
Item Type Manuscript
Subject Scottish Dance, Quadrilles
Item Description This excerpt is from a series of notebooks compiled by Skinner and his own dance teacher, William Scott. The notebooks were published under the title, A Guide to Fashionable Dancing. [continued from JSS0486] [...for they [Quadrilles] approximate] so nearly to the dance termed Cotillion that design or invention cannot with justice be applied. They are danced in sets of eight, twelve or sixteen persons; but the set of eight is best calculated for displaying the true spirit and the elegant graceful evolutions of this mode of dancing.' As Teachers of Dancing we earnestly hope and trust that the Quadrille may be revived and danced with freedom, chasteness, and graceful ease, and that the 'rough and ready' style now in vogue may be viewed as the 'Romance of Quadrille Dancing'. Ball-Room Dances. Quadrilles. The Lady stands on the gentleman's right hand. *Paine's First Set. First Figure. Le Pantalon. 1. Top and bottom couples right and left. 2. Set (four walking steps to right, four to left.) turn partners. 3. Ladies' Chain. 4. Half Promenade, and half right and left. Side couples do the same. This figure is performed twice; first by the top and bottom couples, and then by those at the side. *[Note:] Only dwellers in the 'Silver City by the Sea' call the 'Th' Edinboro' Quadrilles'. [Continued JSS0488]
Creator James Scott Skinner and William Scott
Creator Manuscript James Scott Skinner
Publisher Charles Middleton, Keith
Time Period 1870s-1880s
Associated Dates: Creation c.1883
Associated Dates: Manuscript c.1883
Associated Dates: Publication 1884
Relationships JSS0486, JSS0488, JSS0489
Location University of Aberdeen
Collection Name Dance Notebooks


University of Aberdeen

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