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Page 1 of 4, Quadrilles

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Page 1 of 4, Quadrilles
ID JSS0486
Title Page 1 of 4, Quadrilles
Document Reference MS 3088
Format 165 x 256 mm
Medium Handwritten Manuscript
Item Type Manuscript
Subject Scottish Dance, Quadrilles
Item Description This excerpt is from a series of notebooks compiled by Skinner and his own teacher, William Scott. The notebooks were published under the title, A guide to Fashionable Dancing. Quadrilles 'A Quadrille, a Quadrille is a pleasure, Which they who know not, sure know nought: 'Tis a pastime beyond every treasure That mirth, youth, and joy ever bought.' Anonymous. The Quadrilles are the unbounded favourites of old and young and no wonder. When we see a lady moving softly and smoothly to the voice of melody, her ear feeling every note and her graceful figure gliding in keeping with it, avoiding all laboured steps and rude, vulgar swingin'! (every good, and truly graceful dancer does so), the movements of her feet are but the index to graceful dancing, or musical motion, for the head, neck and body come in for a duo proportion of elegance, proving that 'A thing of beauty is a joy for ever'. In our professional duties we have seen ladies, aye, and gentlemen too, give their hands with grace, ease and elegance that made their movements the 'poetry of motion'. It has been said 'The height of art is to conceal art'. Let this be so. With the above remarks we quote the following from 'Analysis of the London Ball-Room'. Quadrilles are of novel introduction into this country, and we are indebted to the French for their survival, for they approximate... [continued JSS0487]
Creator James Scott Skinner and William Scott
Creator Manuscript James Scott Skinner
Publisher Charles Middleton, Keith
Time Period 1870s-1880s
Associated Dates: Creation c.1883
Associated Dates: Manuscript c.1883
Associated Dates: Publication 1884
Relationships JSS0487, JSS0488, JSS0489
Location University of Aberdeen
Collection Name Dance Notebooks


University of Aberdeen

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