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Cradle Song

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Cradle Song
ID JSS0064
Title Cradle Song
Document Reference MS2726/46
Format 246 x 75 mm
Medium printed music sheet
Item Type Manuscript
Subject Music, Printed, Lullaby, Cradle Song
Item Description Skinner's Cradle Song, as printed in The Logie Collection of Original Music for Voice, Violin and Pianoforte (Charles Middleton, Keith: 1888). Here, the melody is set for violin, not voice. Compare this version with JSS0062, where the Cradle Song vocal line is set comfortably for the middle range of most voices, and with JSS0577. Here, the violin begins five notes higher, since violinists, unlike singers, don't have to worry about how high they can play. Where music is played with one long bow stroke, Skinner uses slurs: curved lines over the notes. The vocal set is much simpler, and slurs are only used four times to show notes sung in one breath, on the words angel, darling, ever, and river. The song melody is also quite plain, and none of the small 'grace' notes which decorate the melody here are included. Listen to Skinner's recording by clicking on the link below.
Creator James Scott Skinner
Time Period 1890's - 1900's
Related Images MS2726/45, 46
Relationships JSS0063, JSS0065, JSS0577
Location University of Aberdeen
Collection Name Harp & Claymore
Audio Note this link will open another window so you can view the music and listen to the tune cd213a


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