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Cradle Song

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Cradle Song
ID JSS0062
Title Cradle Song
Document Reference MS2726/45
Format 255 x 308 mm
Medium pen & ink on music manuscript paper
Item Type Manuscript
Subject Music and lyrics, Scottish, Lullaby
Item Description The'Cradle Song' arranged and written out by Gavin Greig. The words are by Alexander Hastings, from Huntly, Aberdeenshire. Squeezed underneath the title is 'As sung by Miss Dolly Donaldson'. The music is in D major, and common time (C), in the usual arrangement of violin/voice part, and the piano part for two hands. The Harp and Claymore version added two bars: the first bar bass repeated as a one-bar introduction, and, to finish, a 'Last time' bar with a single bass D. 'D. C.' (Da Capo) returned the singer to the beginning for the remaining verses. Only the first verse is set here. Compare this with JSS0064, JSS0577. Listen to Skinner's recording by clicking on the audio link below.
Creator James Scott Skinner
Creator Manuscript Gavin Greig
Editor Gavin Greig
Arranger Gavin Greig
Publisher Bayley & Ferguson
Time Period 1890's-1900's
Related Images MS2726/44a
Relationships JSS0059, JSS0060, JSS07577
Location University of Aberdeen
Collection Name Harp & Claymore
Audio Note this link will open another window so you can view the music and listen to the tune cd213a


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