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The Piper's Weird (Macrimmon)
The Piper's Weird (Macrimmon) Manuscript in Skinner's hand of his 'Pibroch' 'The Piper's Weird' (Macrimmon)'. The MacCrimmons were hereditary pipers to the MacLeods of Dunvegan, Isle of Skye. This lament is said to have been written by their piper Donald Ban MacCrimmon, who predicted his own death in a certain battle in 1746. 'Weird' is a Scots word which means a person's destiny. Click on the audio link below to listen to Skinner playing it.
Words to The Piper's Weird
Words to The Piper's Weird Words to 'The Piper's Weird' by W. McCombie Smith'. Under the words Skinner has 'The Verses may be sung in [the key of] D'. McCombie Smith wrote 'A Memoir of the Families of McCombie and Thomas' (Edinburgh, 1890), and is thought to have been a North-east schoolmaster.
Macpherson's Rant (Below the Gallows Tree)
Macpherson's Rant (Below the Gallows Tree) Manuscript in Skinner's hand of his 'Dirge' 'Macpherson's Rant (Below the Gallows Tree) by Himself, Nov: 1700'. Skinner notes that the music was 'composed by the Hero [James Macpherson, 'Freebooter'] in Banff Gaol, eve of his execution during the delivery of his wild dirge round the Scaffold the reprieve was seen to some [approach?] when the Banff clock was put up [ahead] 15 minutes to forestall it. Carlyle says:- "and was he not a hero too, but for want of more light - communicated to _ by Mr Forbes, Ellon -'
Hector the Hero
Hector the Hero Manuscript in Skinner's hand of a his 'Coronach', 'Hector the Hero'. Under the music he has written '1st strain loco [played in place - as written] - the Coronach sighing through the trees. Composed [Monikie], 27 March 1903 - For immediate publication -'. 'Hector' was Sir Hector Macdonald (1853-1903) b. nr Dingwall, Ross-shire; d. Paris. He served at the Battle of Khartoum; Knighted in 1901. Aide-de Camp to Queen Victoria, and Major-General in the British army. He had one son with his wife Christina Duncan, secretly married, in the Scottish style, in 1884. Unsavoury rumours and illness drove him to suicide. 'Fighting Mac', a Robert B. Service (1874-1958) poem, and Thomas McWilliam's words for Skinner's melody ('O, wail for the mighty in battle, Loud lift ye the Coronach strain; For Hector, the Hero, of deathless fame, Will never come back again') show the public's sympathy for his tragic end.
Note about Hector the Hero
Note about Hector the Hero Note in Skinner's hand, about his Lament 'Hector the Hero' (See JSS0176) 'B - melody extended here, simplicity of form, does not mean dearth - Play in the Kirk on Sunday & get the Minister to announce as this is a national Calamity - my eyes are full - B & F [his publishers, Bayley and Ferguson] will publish at once - & include maybe in H&C - '.
Hector the Hero
Hector the Hero Manuscript in Skinner's hand of his 'Coronach', 'Hector the Hero'. Under the music (not JSS hand) is '"Thou has been mighty in battle; and thy fame shall never fade" - Ossian'. Below, in Skinner's hand, is 'Let the Coronach sigh through the Trees while the Highlanders bear this manly form to the Hill foot.' In blue crayon, 'A 1st draft - 1st Strain goes [over?] the Mans Soul.' Finally, bottom left, 'The Coronach - all crying together'.
Les Trois Grands Luthiers
Les Trois Grands Luthiers Manuscript of 'Les Trois Grands Luthiers [violin makers] (Trio for 2 Violins and Cello, or 2 Violins and Piano) comp. by Scott Skinner Arrang by Ad L Roloff.' Under the music is ''To the immortal Memory of Amati, Stradivarius and Guarnerius. This Melody is dedicated to Croall's famous [String] Quartett 16 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh.'
The Sick Boy
The Sick Boy Manuscript in Gavin Greig's hand of '"The Sick Boy." J. Scott Skinner (Impromptu) arr Gavin Greig 27/3/93.' (A note verso says 'Wee Manson'.) At bottom right, in Skinner's hand, is '"for Harp & Claymore"', and this differs little from the printed version.
The Meikleour Beeches
The Meikleour Beeches Manuscript in George Riddell's hand of 'The Meikleour Beeches J. S. Skinner arranged by George Riddell' for the Harp and Claymore. (There are no dyamics in either version.) Riddell (1852-1942) was a shoemaker, fiddler, composer, and writer from Rosehearty, near Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire. He also arranged 'The Wounded Hussar' for Skinner's collection.
The Meikleour Beeches
The Meikleour Beeches Manuscript in A. L. Roloff's hand of 'The Meikleour Beeches (Perthshire) Scott Skinner arr. by Ad L Roloff' for 'violin and piano'. This is slightly more difficult than Riddell's arrangement (See JSS0181), but would still suit amateur players. The pink oblong glued onto the page is a newspaper item about the Meikleour beech hedge (thought to have been planted in 1746).

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