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MacDougall Gillies' Pipes
MacDougall Gillies' Pipes Manuscript in Skinner's hand. John MacDougall Gillies won the Highland Society of London's Gold medal for Piobaireachd in 1884. The single line melody shows the careful attention paid to the 'cuttings' - the small notes which decorate the main melody. These were probably added by Gillies himself. (See JSS0163, JSS0164.)
Letter from J MacDougall Gilles to Gavin Greig
Letter from J MacDougall Gilles to Gavin Greig Manuscript in MacDougall Gilles' hand. 14th August 1902. 'I herewith send tune as desired by Mr J. Scott Skinner I trust you will find it all right - as writing violin music is rather a new experience for me.'
MacDougall Gillies' Pipes
MacDougall Gillies' Pipes Manuscript by both Grieg and Skinner. Greig has written out the tune. Skinner feels that Gillies should: write Pipe setting and you [Gavin Greig?] add a Bass....' (See JSS0162, JSS0163.)
Buckingham House
Buckingham House Also known as 'Athole Brose' (a drink made with whisky, oatmeal, honey, cream, and, sometimes, raspberries). Skinner took the music, by 'Abraham Mackintosh', 'From [John] Glen's Coll.)'
Forbes Sneeshin Mull
Forbes Sneeshin Mull Skinner composed this 'Slow air, Strathspey, or Reel', at 'Pusey Hotel 17th May 1900'. A 'Sneeshin Mull' is a snuff mill. 'Forbes' may have been Aberdeen fiddler Forbes Morrison.
Forbes Sneeshin Mull
Forbes Sneeshin Mull Manuscript in Skinner's hand of another version of JSS0167. The tune is 'To Kindly Forbe's an' his country Hame with the Strathspey Kings regard.'
Cluny Castle - Inverness-shire
Cluny Castle - Inverness-shire 'Cluny Castle, Invernesshire' is the seat of the Macphersons of Cluny. The music is by Alexander Troup, from near Ballater, Aberdeenshire. He was thought to be an expert on strathspeys and reels. His opinions on some of Skinner's compositions may be found in JSS0158 and JSS0161, for example.
The Perthshire Volunteers
The Perthshire Volunteers Manuscript in Skinner's hand of the strathspey 'The Perthshire Volunteers'. When published, he added that it was from a 'Gow Coll.', and 'As played by [his brother] Alex. F. Skinner.'
Note about Sandy Skinner and Archie Menzies
Note about Sandy Skinner and Archie Menzies Manuscript in Skinner's hand: 'Alexander Skinner won the Purse of Sovereigns at Edinburgh in 1856 - the Gold medal was awarded to the Late Archie Menzies. Alick began to teach dancing at a very early age consequent upon William Skinner's [written directly below: our Father's] accidental demise.'
Dargai Manuscript in Skinner's hand of his 'Pibroch', 'Dargai'. Under the music Skinner has pasted a variation from his version in The Scotish Violinist (1900). Dargai, on the North-West frontier, was stormed by the Gordon Highlanders, and the Gurkhas, during the Afghan Wars. This British victory took place on 20 Nov. 1897. Click on the audio link to hear Skinner playing it (cd112a).

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