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Reform Monuments

This item discusses monuments to reform, including the monument proposed for Meethill, Peterhead, the site of reform meetings.


A few words from a Tory in answer to a Classical Reformer

The writer is answering an attack on Toryism, which appeared in the previous issue of the Aberdeen Magazine, by suggesting that this attack has not offended him.


Reform, Cholera, Electioneering

The Aberdeen Magazine points out that Aberdeen has experienced canvassing. Aberdeen, it believes, has the highest number of registered voters in Scotland, showing that voters are proud of their privilege.


County and Burgh elections in 1831

These notes from the Aberdeen Magazine describe elections held prior to the 1st Reform Act.


Reform County Meeting

At a meeting of Freeholders, Justicers of the peace and Commissioners of Supply held on 7th June 1831, there was a majority vote of 43 against the Reform Bill.


Reform Proceedings

This article descibes the reactions to the proposed Reform Bill: how petitions were got up both for and against it. The writer clearly supports Reform.


On the Ballot

Although the writer is against votes for all men, he does support election by ballot. He examines arguments for open and secret voting. The writer's second letter (RAD123_07 to RAD123_11), discusses arguments against the ballot.


Excerpt from an Address to the people of Scotland on...

This excerpt from the Address given by the ministers and members of dissenting churches, requests that the Corn Laws be repealed. These members felt that such taxes were unjust and immoral, and contributed to the sufferings of many people. They felt that the real object of the Corn Laws was to keep the...


The Speech of John Davidson, Writer in Aberdeen, intended...

John Davidson, the writer of this pamphlet, was a printer and Tory supporter. He was one of the (self-appointed)leaders of the reform movement in Aberdeen. This article is preceeded by a letter to Alexander Bannerman, who was to be elected MP for Aberdeen the following year, at the first 'reformed' election....


Letter to Freeholders, Justices of Peace and Commissioners...

The writer, who describes himself as a 'most notorious demagogue', is a supporter of Reform. He refers to the source of his nom-de-plume as coming from Colonel Fraser, who stated that Reformers were the 'most notorious revolutionists, demagogues, and agitators in the empire'. The writer believed that...


Address to the Electors of Aberdeen

A satirical poem, produced by the Aberdeen Herald, great supporters of Reform. The poem appears to come out of the mouth the current Tory Provost, James Hadden, who was, in reality, very much against Reform. In this poem, he 'admits' to his true agenda.


Excerpt from The Knowledge Qualification

In this excerpt from his essay, The Knowledge Qualification, James Adam, editor of the Radical Aberdeen newspaper, The Aberdeen Herald, argues that education and civil rights are vital for all people. Instead of the 10 voting qualification, people should qualify to vote by attaining a certain standard...


Excerpts from An Appeal for Scotland to The Parliament...

These excerpts suggest that some changes should be made with regard to Scotland and its political provisions and its voting rights. The writer suggests that Scotland should have its own Secretary of State and that the franchise should be lowered to 5 from 10.


A Diary of Passing Events in Aberdeen

The Diary of Passing Events is anti Tory, pro Reform and pro Free Trade. It wishes to see changes made for the good of all citizens and corruption in the council practice exposed.


The Franchise Bill Demonstration at Aberdeen

This pamphlet, compiled from a selection of local papers, gives a description of the full proceedings of the demonstration. Included are lists of the groups represented and names of marshals. There is an account of the procession, which gives the names of the trades that were represented in the procession...

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